Zhang Zhongshu『寺廟与叢林』
『Temples and jungle』


作曲: Zhang ZhongShu
音: JIZUSHAN(large Mahakasyapa)
Tashilhunpo (Tantric - Sect)
Alena Ya (Xishuangbanna forest)
Wutaishan (Manjusri of Daochang - Zen temples)
Kathmandu (Nepal hippie capital of the Hindu)
Lang Prabang(Laos - Buddhism, the ancient capital of the South)
  曲名   備考   曲名   備考
1 孩子、虫子、風 Children, insects, wind   6 車、芭蕉 cars, banana  
2 羊鈴、転経筒 the sheep bell, turning cylinder   7 売唱翁 OLD singers  
3 樹林裏 the woods   8 鐘、鼓、晩誦 bell, drums, chating night  
4 鳥、水、祈祷 Birds, water, prayer   9 風幡 Wind Hatabu  
5 枯木、弁経、大法会 dead wood, and dialcetial by, law would be   10 唱廟 singing the temple